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Jean Benjamin Stora

Psychosomatics Jean Benjamin Stora

Collection: Que sais-je ?

Discipline: Psychology and Psychoanalysis

Release date: 14/09/2022


"Psychosomatic": a word to link mind and body. And to say the effect that one can have on the other.

If many doctors, for lack of anything better, tell patients that their symptoms are "psychosomatic", this is because they do not always know the psychic system very well. Conversely, among psychoanalysts, Freud's model has never had the scientific objective of explaining somatization.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, and especially the work of Pierre Marty in the 1950s, psychosomatic specialists have been trying to combine the two approaches, even taking into account the contribution of neuroscience today. But what further developments can be expected from psychosomatics in the age of CBT and other short therapies?

The time had come to take stock. This is what Jean Benjamin Stora proposes in this new volume, in which he promotes an integrative psychosomatic therapy that privileges the attachment relationship.


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  • Stora, J.B. (2005) " Vivre avec une greffe, accueillir l'autre ", Odile Jacob, April 2005

Publications Articles (non exhaustive list)

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Communications Congresses and Symposia: stress and somatic disorders

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Stora, J.B. (2000):

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Stora, J.B. (2000) "What place for the psychosomatic approach to pain?", Second Information Day of the Hospital of Plaisir (21/11/2000).

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Collaborative publications:

Stora, J.B., Cooper, C.L.,( 1987), "Stress at the top: the price of success among French Corporate Presidents", Journal of Employee Relations, Vol; 10, number 1, 1988, Manchester University Press.

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MARTY, P., STORA, J.B., ( 1989), Psychosomatics, ed. Beirut, in Arabic language. 175 p.


Membership in professional and scientific associations:

Member of the French Society of Gynecology Obstetrics Psychosomatics.

General Secretary of the jury of the "Pierre Marty Psychosomatics Prize".

Member of the International Association of Neuropsychoanalysis since 1995


Editorial activities :

Member of the Scientific Committee of the French Journal of Psychosomatics

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Integrative Psychosomatics

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