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Society for Integrative Psychosomatics

The Integrative Psychosomatics Society is an association under the French law of 1901, whose purpose is to promote research and scientific exchanges between people concerned with integrative psychosomatics and the study of psychosomatic therapeutic relationships, to organize symposiums, colloquia and scientific congresses, to consider scientific publications (reviews, articles...), to ensure the training of psychosomatic practitioners and therapists in integrative psychosomatics at theInstitute of Integrative Psychosomatics.

Psychosomatic School of the Pitié Salpétrière


Registered within the college of learned societies of affop: http: //www.affop.org and referenced on DATADOCK and QUALIOPI

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Psychosomaticians, we clearly position ourselves as allies of doctors, a particular link in the team of health professionals, well beyond the "classic - ordinary" psychotherapeutic support of their reference system.

Our first particularity is theassessment of the psychosomatic risk, diagnosis and prognosis, and the highlighting of theoretical and clinical elements.

Our second particularity, our raison d'être, and that of integrative psychosomatics such as Professor Jean Benjamin Stora raised it during 25 years of consultations at the Pitié Salpêtrière, that of the psychosomatic therapist is indeed to contribute to the reduction of risk, and the extension of life.

Everything depends on the quality of the treatment, its relevance and, above all, on the adjustment to the patient's temporality, of which the resumption of his psychosexual development is only one aspect.


We claim to be specialists, clinicians of the balance of the somato-psychic unit.

We claim to be a correspondent to whom the doctor can refer his patients in confidence, a correspondent who is able (and who must) report on the returns and the progress of the work, as the doctor is entitled to expect from other specialists to whom he refers his patients.

A specialist who needs to know what he is doing, why he is doing it, and when he is doing it.

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