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Treating the sick, not just their illnesses

"What should we do about illness and a sick body? Until now, allopathic and complementary medicine have been able to answer this question, but only in part. Treating the body while ignoring the spirit's defenses and the patient's environment can only lead to incomplete care. We often fail to understand the reasons for recurrence and relapse! "

Pr Jean Benjamin Stora



Our psychosomatic model considers cenesthesia to be the first of the somatopsychic organizations. In this case, it is more somatoprotopsychic in nature. These archaic stages of functioning are based mainly on interoception of "body signals", ANS activity and a tiny beginning of sensory activity (mouth, pharynx, etc.). They immediately precede the sensori-motor and the articulation of the sensory with representation. We propose to work around these first post-natal moments, on the borders of what PSI calls the alpha period of the psyche.


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