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As a reminder, only those who hold a D.U. from the University of Paris VI or a diploma in Integrative Psychosomatics from the Institute of the Integrative Psychosomatic Society may be a Full Member of the Association.

Otherwise, the member is considered an Associate Member.


Membership fee: 40 euros per year

Free admission is offered to honorary members and first-year students.


Full and associate members can be listed in the directory of Psychosomaticians
Directory fee: 50 euros per year

All rates are for one calendar year.  

Membership in the telephone directory is reserved for paid-up members.


Being a member gives you exclusive access to :

- documentary resources 

- study days

- the possibility to register for private events

- participation in bibliography clubs


Integrative psychosomatic therapy requires the clinician to have a good understanding of the patient's somatic disorders, the value of the current symptoms, but also their medical history, which is associated with life events.

For those colleagues who do not have sufficient medical knowledge or who have questions of this nature, we thought it would be useful and constructive to be able to provide them with the possibility of contacting a psychosomatic doctor from our company to meet this need, but of course without interfering in the constant and dynamic relationship that the therapist must have with the patient's doctor, as is written in our code of ethics.

To do this you can contactDr. André Aboulkheir.

How to register to the association

1/ Registration via the online form below

Registration to the online form to benefit from the membership: access to all the documentation of the site and the events online and/or in person.

2/ Secure payment

You make the payment at registration. 

3/ Sending information and newsletter by email

You will receive by email a code to connect to the member area of the site, to benefit from all the advantages.

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